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A Message from Pastor Ric and Pastor Kathy

Pastor Ric and Kathy

Wesley UMC is a community of faith located on the southeast side of Sheboygan, on Union Avenue and near the corner with 8th Street. Its mission is to be a joyful community living in the Spirit of Christ, sharing faith, worshiping God, nurturing one another and serving others.

Our goal is to serve Jesus Christ by reaching out to others. We do this through our Community Meal which is held on the second Friday of the month at 5 p.m.. In addition Wesley participates in the Laundry Love program, which offers laundry assistance at a local Laundromat. Vouchers for Laundry Love are available through the Salvation Army and various social service agencies of Sheboygan County.

Wesley is a pet friendly church. Recognizing how important pets are to our members and others we have not only opened our doors to all people, but to pets as well. We host an annual pet blessing service and pets often accompany members, friends and visitors to 9:00 Sunday worship at Wesley.

Worship is an important aspect of the Christian life at Wesley. It is celebrated in a casual atmosphere and the service has a blended style. You are welcome to grab a cup of coffee or water as you come in and are encouraged to stay for snacks and fellowship following the service.

Please consider joining us as we worship together next Sunday, share our faith, serve others and nurture one another.

Pastor Ric and Pastor Kathy

Wesley UMC News

A Thought on Pets in Church

By Fred Shaw
Methodist Elder in the Ohio Conference, Director of Native American COS, and Shawnee Native

One of Wesley UMC's visiting dogs during the pet blessing serviceOne of the threats we face today is that we humans drastically have separated God and God's creation in our minds and practices. We compartmentalize life so that we can manipulate "things" for our own benefit (real and imagined) and ignore the sanctity of their own being. That enables us to believe we can exploit what God has created, that it is less sacred than our desires. That breaks the circle, the balance, of all being. We can take more than we give and feel that we are justified in doing so. Hence, the present practice of focusing upon the bottom line of profit-and-loss rather than maintaining a sustainable balance for the future.

God’s being encompasses all that is and all that is not, which makes all life sacred. The Sacred personified itself in birth in a stable. Jesus spent his vision quest of 40 days among the animals and flora in the wilderness. Jesus' teachings often used the animals and the plants in making his point. The Apostle Paul indicated that all of the creation is waiting for the redemption that is in the Christ.

Will having pets in worship offset the imbalance of human practice? Should we turn the sanctuary into a barn? Of course not, but neither should we be concerned that God is offended by the presence of any of God's creation in worship. Maybe, just maybe, that small, dependent life that gives another person such unconditional joy and love will remind someone of how undeserving we are of the love of the Sacred, and that all being is sacred because God looked at it and said, “It is good.”